How Does a Dispensary Manager Do His Job?

Meet Lazarus White, the assistant manager at Terrapin Care Station, a cannabis dispensary in Boulder, Colorado.

Lazarus White.
Lazarus White.

Photo courtesy of Lazarus White.

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What’s it really like to grow and sell legal weed for a living? In the new season of Working, we’re finding out by visiting Colorado to talk with people employed in the state’s cannabis industry. On the first episode of the series, Jordan talks with Lazarus White, an assistant manager at Terrapin Care Station in Boulder, about the day-to-day business of running a dispensary. Turns out it’s a great job if you like long, heartfelt conversations with customers—but not so much if you like to wake and bake.

In this week’s Slate Plus bonus episode, we get different perspectives on dispensary life from Britney Pittel, who tells us what it’s like when unhappy customers try to return bud, and how there’s still a surprising amount of stigma against the industry.

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