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The Newest Whole Foods Has a “Produce Butcher”

This post originally appeared in Business Insider.

Whole Foods’ newest store has hired someone to cut up your fruits and vegetables for you.

The store near New York’s Bryant Park, which opened last week, features a “Produce Butcher” who will chop, dice, and mince whatever vegetables customers need prepared. Whole Foods will charge $1 per pound, or per individually priced item, Foodbeast reported.

The Food Butcher isn’t the only upscale innovation that Whole Foods is offering at the new Manhattan location. The grocery store also has three full-service restaurants, including a sushi restaurant and the Harbor Bar, which serves wine and 24 beers on tap.

Whole Foods has been trying to shed its “whole paycheck” reputation with new marketing and the launch of its more inexpensive 365 chain. However, at this new Manhattan location, luxury still seems to reign supreme.

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