The “How Does a Freelance Makeup Artist Work?” Edition

Christin Michelle helps her clients look good for weddings, galas, and photo shoots.

working make up artist.
Makeup artist Christin Michelle.

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Listen to this episode of Working with guest Christin Michelle:

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Freelance makeup artist Christin Michelle doesn’t worry much about her own makeup when she’s on the job. “I don’t want to walk in there with loud lipstick, lashes, blush everywhere. I don’t want them to think that what I look like is what I’m going to put on them,” she says. It’s her job instead to help craft a look that’s right for—and unique to—each of her clients, whether they’re attending a gala, getting ready for a photo shoot, or preparing for a wedding.


In this episode of Working, Michelle talks us through her hours and days, going into detail about everything from the way she finds clients in the first place to what’s in the 30-pound kit that she brings with her everywhere she goes. She has stories about handling wedding disasters (what happens when the bride breaks down and you have to start all over?), as well as practical thoughts about the different makeup styles she applies in different circumstances.


Michelle speaks of her work as more than a career. For her, it’s also a passion project, one that pays off when her clients look at themselves in the mirror. “They fall in love with themselves again,” she says.

Tune in to find out what that’s like.

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