People Are Now Listing Gas Stations, Treehouses, and Teslas on Airbnb

You can stay just about anywhere it seems.

Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images

This post originally appeared on Inc.

Where do you picture yourself sleeping the next time you head out of town? Do you see yourself in a bedroom of some sort? How about on an airplane?

Lufthansa Airlines is offering $885 round-trip flights between New York and Frankfurt on Airbnb, touting in its ad that “Luxury Awaits Above the Clouds.” It sounds like a quirky use of a site mostly known for renting out spare rooms in people’s houses and apartments, but it’s only one of many creative listings.


Here are other listings that have gotten attention for being a little different than what you might consider when you think of travel accommodations:

Gas Station

Apparently childhood dreams of sleeping in a gas station are a Thing, at least according to a gas station owner in Salinas, California. Pete Shen as of last month was offering $50 bring-your-own-air mattress overnight stays at Sanborn & Market Gas. It appears the listing has been removed but not before Shen told KSBW he had received a good deal of interest.



This is another listing that has since disappeared, but there was a time when you could spend the night in a Tesla Model S in Phoenix for $85 a night. The owner required you vacate by 8 a.m. so he could drive to work, according to Gawker.


Hippie Bus

Sticking with the theme of sleeping in vehicles, out in New Orleans there’s a bus you can rent for $90 a night that accommodates up to six people. The bus has been converted into a “small, independent, climate-controlled apartment” according to the post. Unlike sleeping in gas stations, sleeping in buses is actually a Thing on Airbnb. Here’s a list of luxury wheeley stays to prove it. Sleeping in a van by the river has been a thing, too.

Tiny House

You’ve probably seen friends on Facebook share blog posts about these, but have you ever spent the night in one? It’s a house, and it’s tiny, which makes it a Tiny House. This one in Nashville is set up to hold up to four folks ready for the “tiny life” as the post puts it. This listing starts at $119.


No kids allowed in this treehouse that can hold up to two guests. “Suitable for candle-light dinners, relaxing, reflecting, rejuvenating & simply enjoying the sights and sounds of nature—birds singing, a squirrel scampering across the roof!” reads the listing. It’s in Burlingame, California, which is 15 minutes outside San Francisco, so naturally it’s the most expensive room included in this list at $275 per night.

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