The “What’s It Like to Run a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?” Edition

Meet the rabbi and former hospital administrator who now run a pot dispensary.

Stephanie and Jeffrey Kahn
Stephanie and Jeffrey Kahn.

Stephanie Kahn

Listen to this episode of Working with guests Jeffrey and Stephanie Kahn:

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Jeffrey Kahn is an ordained rabbi. His wife, Stephanie, is a former hospital administrator. Together, they’ve become experts at navigating the murky world of Washington, D.C.’s weed laws as the owners of Takoma Wellness Center, one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries in the district.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As both recreational and medical marijuana go mainstream—recreational weed is fully legal in four states and D.C.—there’s no longer a stereotypical weed dispensary owner (if there ever was one). In this episode of Season 5 of Working, Slate’s Rachel E. Gross talks to the Kahns about what inspired them to open a dispensary, how their business has grown since it opened its doors in 2013, and the role they’ve played in shaping the District’s medical marijuana laws.


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