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This Company Is Selling Fall Leaves for $20

The monetization of fall continues.

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It’s officially fall, and in many parts of the U.S., the leaves are beinning to change colors. But not everyone can enjoy the drama of fall leaves at their peak. 

Now, thanks to a service called Ship Foliage, even those living in warmer climates or major cities will get to experience the joy of holding a fall leaf in their hands. 

For $19.99, Ship Foliage will send you a three-leaf bundle of “Grade A foliage” from New England. Each bundle includes a red leaf, yellow leaf, and a green or mixed-color leaf.

According to Ship Foliage’s website, they use a unique presevation process that “enhances the foliage color contrast and also preserves the leaves for years to come!” 

Ship Foliage founder Kyle Waring insists that his new company is not a hoax. 

“It’s more than just a couple of leaves that are found in your backyard,” he told “They are high-quality leaves that I hand collect.” 

He added that he and his wife hike nearly every weekend, using their outings as an opportunity to collect leaves. So far they’ve received more than 50 orders and sent boxes to Florida and New York. 

Last winter, Waring launched a similar service called Ship Snow, Yo! which mailed boxes of fresh New England snow to people around the US. 

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