Hillary Clinton Wants Your Emoji Feelings About Student Loan Debt. That’s Nothing to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ At.

*or fewer.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton asked; Twitter answered. With tears, skulls, fire, guns, explosions, and even a few eggplants.

The prompt arrived just a few days after Clinton released a $350 billion plan to make college cheaper by virtually eliminating the need for students attending public institutions to take out loans for their tuition. Suffice it to say, the responses are giving Clinton some pretty great fodder.

There were the grim:

The sorrowful:

And the unabashedly weird:

Anyway, setting aside the grammatical shonde that Clinton either intentionally or mistakenly used less when she really should have tweeted fewer, the tweet is doing a solid job drumming up attention for her focus on student loan debt. That makes sense. People on Twitter love to talk about themselves, their feelings, and their budgetary woes—and putting it in emoji form makes the 140-character limit less confining. Maybe some of these responses will even make it into future Clinton material. You can almost hear the forthcoming speech line this Twitter onslaught could generate: “The student debt crisis is so bad, one young man told me he felt as though he were being crushed by a dancing elephant while taking a bath.” Or something like that. More power to Hillary—and you—for putting our collective frustrations in dancing-elephant form.