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Apple Just Found Another Way to Demote the iPod

Feel its cool metallic sheen against your cheek one last time.

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Apple has just pulled the iPod from its website’s main menu, giving Apple Music the old spot of the portable media player. The main menu at the top of Apple’s page used to advertise the company’s hardware, including the Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and later the Apple Watch.

While the rest of Apple’s products still take pride of place, the iPod has been removed, AppleInsider pointed out, and Apple Music has taken its place. The iPod hasn’t been removed from Apple’s website completely. It can still be found at the bottom of the Apple Music page or at the company’s online store.


In the first quarter of 2007, the iPod made up more than 48 percent of Apple’s revenue. But thanks to the music-playing iPhone and its smartphone competitors, the device’s sales have been declining for years.


If you’re wondering about the iPod’s recent sales, Apple won’t tell. The company has decided to stop revealing the iPod’s sales in quarterly filings.

There also haven’t been any updates to the iPod Touch since 2012, and the iPod Classic was discontinued in 2014. Tim Cook said at the time that the move had come because Apple couldn’t get the parts it needed to keep making the device. Observers were skeptical—this is the company that just reinvented gold, after all.

Despite rumors picked up by AppleInsider that the iPod Touch may see a revamp at the end of this year, Apple has been putting all its energy into developing its higher-yielding products and launching Apple Music. And with the launch of the Apple Watch, the company could be hoping that people who aren’t happy listening to music on their phones will shell out more for music on the go.

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