Watch John Oliver Eulogize RadioShack, a “True American Icon”

Last week, consumer electronics icon RadioShack filed for bankruptcy. It was 94.

On Sunday, John Oliver paid tribute to the retailer on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, chastising America for the “glib, jokey tone” that had long been used to discuss the electronics chain’s impending demise. “This is a dying 94-year-old business!” Oliver said. “At this point, it’s like you’re sitting across from your grandfather at Thanksgiving dinner saying, ‘You know, I don’t really see the point of Grandpa Fred in 2015.’ ” Poor RadioShack.

Since RadioShack didn’t get a proper send-off, or the chance to say a proper goodbye to its consumers, Oliver made a farewell message for them to use. From RadioShack, and Last Week Tonight, to you. Enjoy.