An Austrian TV Network Went Full Terminator in This (Amazing) Super Bowl Promo

Look alive, NBC, the gauntlet for Super Bowl intro packages has officially been thrown down. And based on the heat that Austria’s big game broadcaster is coming to the plate with, all the Idina Menzel audio in the world can’t save you. The promo above comes courtesy of the Austrian network PULS 4—owner of the country’s broadcast rights to Super Bowl XLIX—and appears to be the montage that will roll prekickoff. It’s also amazing. And Terminator-themed.

Following the blueprint used during the conference championship round, and playing off the fact that the original T-800 is Austrian (I guess?), the video opens on a shot of a post-apocalyptic University of Phoenix Stadium, backed by the iconic, pounding T2 score. Also shown is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady portrayed as the ruthless robot assassin that he probably is, the Vince Lombardi Trophy engulfed in earth-scorching flames, and the thematically appropriate title card “SUPER BOWL XLIX: JUDGMENT DAY.” Honestly, it’s a shame that this isn’t technically a Super Bowl ad, because that’s the type of stuff that Ad Report Card dreams are made of.

Brady. Wilson. Self-aware weapons systems. Time-traveling cybernetic organisms. Yeah, this game is going to be incredible.

Via BostInno