Taco Bell Now Testing Proposition That Sriracha Makes Everything Better

Bringing the yum to Yum!

Photo by Paul Narvaez via Flickr

Taco Bell is trying all sorts of things to turn around its business: breakfast burritos, an upscale chain, and the entirely un-taco-like biscuit taco, to name a few. And it hasn’t stopped there. The latest addition to Taco Bell’s offerings is a comprehensive Sriracha-themed menu.

According to the Washington Post, Taco Bell’s Sriracha menu will feature six items, with one breakfast option and other lunch- and dinner-like things:

  • Sriracha Beef Griller
  • Sriracha Taco and Taco Supreme
  • Sriracha Quesarito
  • Sriracha Nachos
  • Sriracha Quesarito Box
  • Sriracha Grande Scrambler


Taken in isolation, none of these items is particularly groundbreaking; Taco Bell already sells various grillers, tacos and taco supremes, quesaritos, nachos, and scramblers. The innovation here is the addition of Sriracha. From one red, chili-infused sauce comes a whole new menu!

For now, the experimental items are only in 70 Taco Bell locations in the Kansas City area, and it’s not clear how long they’ll be around. But in case Sriracha lovers in other parts of the country feel left out, we have a suggestion: The next time you go to Taco Bell, order anything on the menu, and bring the Sriracha yourself.