Chevy Executive Blows His World Series Presentation. Chevy Social Media Turns It Into a Hashtag.

When life hands a corporation lemons …


Poor Rikk Wilde. The Chevrolet regional zone manager was tasked with presenting World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner with a brand new Chevy truck, and came off as a nervous wreck, stopping to catch his breath and stumbling over his lines (he kept glancing down at a notecard). Then, to plug the truck’s virtues, he uttered the instantly immortal words: “It combines class-winning and -leading, um, you know, technology and stuff.”

Because it is the social media team’s job to make lemonade whenever life hands a giant corporation lemons, it later attempted to turn Wilde’s big whiff into a hashtag.

For the record, the Chevy Colorado’s #TechnologyAndStuff specs include high-speed Wi-Fi and advanced safety features; the inevitable SNL skit parodying this incident will star the ghost of Chris Farley.