Uber Offers New Yorkers the Flashiest Ride to the Hamptons

Get there for only $2,500 with Uber Chopper.

Photo By Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

For the second year straight, ride-sharing service Uber is coming to the rescue of Hamptons-goers who want to hit the beach in style. This Thursday, Uber is teaming up with helicopter-booking app Blade to provide “Uber Chopper” rides between New York City and the Hamptons. You can book one of the five-seat copters for a flat rate of $2,500 (apparently a discount from the normal price of $575 per seat).

Uber tested this same promotion one year ago using services provided by Liberty Helicopters. Then the rides went for a slightly higher total fare of $3,000, though as Daily Intelligencer noted, “Pointing and laughing at the Poors idling on the expressway is free, of course.” Uber also recently tried out helicopter rides in Mumbai and Bangalore, where you could get two seats on service provider Air Deccan for $85.

If casually flying into the Hamptons isn’t quite your thing, Uber also offers flat-rate car rides from New York City to the Hamptons for between $75 and $100 per person. And there’s always the train and the bus, where at least you can’t hear the Uber Chopper patrons laughing at you from on high.