This Mexican Restaurant Is Offering Burrito Bonds

What more could an investor want?

Photo by Jennifer via Flickr

Would you like to buy a Burrito Bond? Chilango, a fast-food Mexican chain in London, is selling a so-called Burrito Bond that has an 8-percent coupon over a four-year term. For investors that put in £10,000 (about $16,800) or more, the bond also pays out a free burrito every week during its lifetime. The 33-page prospectus for Burrito Bonds did not specify whether the free burrito also includes guacamole.

Believe it or not, Burrito Bonds are more than a PR stunt (and as PR stunts go, they’re a pretty good one). Chilango aims to raise £1 million to expand from sales of the bonds over the next two months but could service up to £3 million of bonds if the deal proves popular. The chain had reached 37 percent of its initial goal by Thursday, just two days after the bond debuted. Investors must put in a minimum of £500 and coupons will be paid semi-annually, but unless you shell out the £10,000 you’ll only get two measly vouchers for free burritos.

Will the Burrito Bond help Chilango take on the international master of burritos, Chipotle? You can learn more about the Burrito Bond from this video its founders made. In the meantime, we’ll sit back and wait for the Waffle Taco CD.