This Giant List of What Bands Charge to Play Live Reveals a Grave Injustice


Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The good folks over at Priceonomics recently published a very long, leaked list of the fees some of the world’s favorite bands and pop stars charge for a concert appearance. While scanning over it, my heart sank a little. Not only does Macklemore have a Grammy that, by all rights, should belong to Kendrick Lamar, he also appears to earn substantially more than Lamar at gigs, with an asking price of between $200,000–$300,000, versus a minimum of $150,000 for Lamar.


On the bright side: Priceonomics says the list comes from a third-party booking agency, Degy Entertainment, which specializes in college shows—meaning the prices might be a tad inflated. There’s a chance that the company is just trying to take advantage of the fact that college kids in particular really, really love themselves some Macklemore.

In any event, here are the rest of the bands that supposedly command $100,000 or more for an appearance. Who knew the Offspring still had that kind of cachet on campus? (And of course, check out the extensive list of cheaper acts at Priceonomics.)