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The Real Satoshi May Have Just Surfaced to Deny the Newsweek Report

Will the real creator of bitcoin please stand up?

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Last night, Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto told the AP that he is not the Satoshi Nakamoto listed as the creator of bitcoin.

That is contrary to a Newsweek cover story reported by Leah McGrath Goodman, along with at least two forensic analysts, arguing that he is. Now, the “real Satoshi” may have surfaced to further confirm he is not Dorian Nakamoto.

Last night, a social network account known to have been used by the Satoshi credited with bitcoin suddenly came alive after nearly five years of dormancy (by the user himself). Here is what was written:


P2P Foundation


The social network is called Ning, and it’s used on the Peer2Peer Foundation’s site.


Josef Davies-Coates, the creator of Ning, confirmed that whoever has access to the Satoshi account there uses the same email address listed on the original Bitcoin spec paper.

Newsweek and McGrath Goodman continue to assert that Dorian Nakamoto is the Satoshi of bitcoin, telling CBS This Morning on Friday, “with me he definitely acknowledged bitcoin.”

It remains possible Dorian Nakamoto could be the person with access to the account, and is just confusing everyone.

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