Even on an All-Pizza Diet You Can Still Eat Carrots

Needs moar carrots.

Photo by Guillaume Meyer/AFP/Getty Images

Julie Scharper at the Baltimore Sun has an amazing profile of a man who eats pizza every day and in fact subsists on a nearly all-pizza diet. It sounds super-fun.

Janssen said he ate a normal “meat and potatoes” diet when he was growing up, but decided to stop eating meat for ethical reasons when he was a young teenager. 

And, since he didn’t like vegetables, he started only eating pizza. 

“Nothing to me tastes as good as pizza,” he said. “Why should I eat a carrot when I can eat pizza?”

If you want to try this at home, I might suggest putting some carrots into your pizza sauce. There are no carrots in a canonical New York–style pizza sauce, but Mario Batali’s basic tomato sauce recipe devised with pasta in mind adds some carrot to the tomato and onion and herbs, and it’s great. That’s still not going to be a huge nutritional boost, but in terms of trolling everybody I think it would be a major advance.