Stop Hurting America With Unnecessary Teaser Questions

It is often alleged that the top-performing charter schools in America are operating some kind of scam where they nudge the most problematic students out of their classes, creating an unobserved variable bias through which their demographics-adjusted performance looks great but is actually unimpressive. Whether or not this is actually true is thus of some interest:

And yet even though “There’s no empirical evidence that charter schools ‘push out’ low-performing students” would have made a perfectly good tweet, we got it phrased as a question. Well, the answer is that there is no empirical evidence. Or at least that’s the conclusion of the publication that’s being teased. If you want more details, then by all means follow the link. But if you just want the headline, the answer is no.

The larger question, however, is are these kind of teasers hurting America and wasting valuable time? The answer is yes. Yes, they are. And I wish people would knock it off.