The New York Times Discovers The Midwest

I’ve in sunny Cleveland, Ohio right now enjoying a fine view of the lake when what do I read but a New York Times discovery of my favorite Midwestern city, Minneapolis where they have ascertained the presence of hipsters:

“We hate on hipsters, but we all dress like them,” [Lauren] McElver said.

While their counterparts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles are defined (and derided) for their blasé pose, their Twin Cities brothers and sisters, while blessed with the same clunky glasses, working-class-chic attire and fixed-gear bikes, retain the openness and generosity of the region.

And promiscuity!:

“One thing I’d say about Minneapolis is that if you’ve slept with one girl, you know 10 guys she’s slept with, and half of them are your friends, and vice versa for women with guys — that’s just the way it is,” said Mr. Heins, a tall, bearded, soft-spoken guy dressed entirely in black. “You’re not going to worry as much because, ‘Oh, it’s Minneapolis,’ ” he said. “So you can’t harbor hate.”

What they don’t really get into is the brass-tacks case for Minneapolis—relativley low unemployment, relatively high wages, and relatively cheap housing. They talk about new luxury condos coming into a formerly hip neighborhood, but there’s still much more affordable housing in Minneapolis than in Williamsburg.