Here’s How Republicans Should Be Handling The Debt Ceiling Issue

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 26: Maybe Yglesias is right?

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The totally insane list of demands House Republicans unveiled today as their price for not destroying the American economy has naturally prompted some posts about better strategies for them to take. But I haven’t yet seen anyone offer what I think is the really correct play: They should vote, as soon as possible, to rescind the statutory debt ceiling once and for all.

Everyone who actually knows what they’re talking about thinks abolishing the debt ceiling is a good idea. So Republicans should surprise the world and just write a bill that’s strongly in the national interest and has nothing to do with fighting Obama and pass it. Do the right thing. Surprise the world.


One big upside of this strategy is that it would be the right thing on the merits. The lives of literally billions of people around the world will be improved.

I’m not really sure there are tons of upsides beyond making the lives of billions of people around the world somewhat better. But, I dunno, as far as politics goes that’s not such a bad accomplishment. After all, nobody is forcing these members to be crazy and irresponsible. If they all got together and made a pact to do the right thing, it’s not like they’d all face simultaneous primary challenges.