Even Fargo Will Have Taller Buildings Than Washington, D.C., Soon

Concept rendering of Dakotah Place.

Courtesy of the Kilbourne Group

The oil boom in western North Dakota seems to be spurring new building investment even in the relatively far-off city of Fargo on the other side of the state:

Fargo real estate investor Doug Burgum is marketing a 252-foot (77-meter) mixed-used tower in downtown Fargo that would be the tallest building in North Dakota. The 500,000-square foot (46,000-square meter) Dakotah Place tower would include retail and office space, a hotel and high-end condos.

Afficionados of the District of Columbia’s Height of Buildings Act will note that this will mean that Fargo, N.D., has a building taller than anything in the nation’s capital. A bit of a sad state of affairs if you ask me. Despite rapid recent population growth, North Dakota is not exactly short on space and facing massive objective need for verticality.