British Families Are Naming Their Babies After Game of Thrones Characters

The Stark family is dominating the Game of Thrones baby-name game in England and Wales.

Photo by Michael Yaris/WBTV via Getty Images

The United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics is out with 2012 baby names for England and Wales, and the influence of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire is all over the list. The books and television series don’t yet have the influence of the Quran (for boys, Muhammed is No. 19 and Mohammed is No. 26), but considering the Martin-inspired names’ more recent vintage, their impact is impressive.

We had four boys named Tyrion, 68 named Ned, 15 named Theon (yikes!), and eight named Bran.

On the girls’ side, I see four named Sansa, 104 named Arya, three named Catelyn, and sadly zero named Cersei.