Sequestration Hitting Native American Schools Particularly Hard

I guess today’s sequestration faux-controversy was about the White House easter egg roll. Meanwhile, out of Minnesota, here’s a piece about how sequestration cuts are impacting schools on Native American reservations even as ordinary public schools haven’t yet seen much impact. That’s because reservation schools rely disproportionately on a federal funding base, so the cuts to them are larger and the impact harder to disguise by shuffling money.

The article also helpfully clarifies one reason why sequestration doesn’t have a dramatic pop to it. They explain that “school officials on reservations across the state have already slashed this year’s budgets in antici­pation of sequester cuts, packing more students in classrooms, trimming class offerings and letting vacant jobs go unfilled.” All told, apparent GOP willingness to swallow sequestration cuts in military spending has rendered the whole thing ineffective as a negotiating tool. But people shouldn’t mistake that for a lack of impact.