Google vs Bing on Easter

Conservatives’ longstanding complaints about Google’s choice of “Google doodles” are only going to be reenforced by today’s decision to commemorate Easter as the birthday of Latino labor leader Cesar Chavez.

Google’s main competition in the search field, Microsoft’s Bing, offers a more Easter-themed graphic for today but one that highlights the secular traditions that have grown up around the holiday rather than its religious themes:

But for those seeking a little more Jesus with their Easter, here’s a portion of Rafael’s “Resurrection of Christ”:

The doodles are, obviously, not significant in and of themselves. But Google’s ability to indulge the whims of its staff rather than cater to mass opinion on them is a highly visible signpost of its extremely strong market position. The same phenomenon is why it can plow search-related operating surpluses into speculative ventures from Android to Glass to self-driving cars.