Design the New $1 Trillion Coin!

Who should be on the front? Reagan? MLK? Harry Truman giving the thumbs-up?

So at this point we all agree that President Obama is going to authorize the $1 trillion platinum coin to single-handedly save the economy and secure his position on Mt. Rushmore II. The only question is: What will it look like? We here at Slate don’t think such an important question should be left up to those stuffed shirts at the U.S. Mint who will probably just stick a president and an iconic building on it, like so:

Illustration by Andrew Morgan.

Where’s the energy? Where’s the creative fire? We’re only making one of these coins, so let’s make it count! That’s why we’re opening the floor to you, Slate readers: Can you design a better platinum $1 trillion coin? Who should be on it? Martin Luther King? Superman punching out Hitler? Harry Truman giving the thumbs-up?

Beat Michael Phelps riding an eagle. We dare you.

Illustration by Andrew Morgan.

Design the front and back of your best platinum coin. (It can be silly, or it can be completely serious.) And don’t forget to be bold: lasers, holograms, whatever. Spare no expense! After all, if it costs too much, we can always mint a second one.

Here’s a template:

Once you’re done, submit it to Slate—either by tweeting @Slate with the hashtag #designthecoin or by emailing it to (Make sure to read our submission guidelines before hitting send.) We’ll feature our favorites on the site!