Keynes, Biden, and Dr. Evil on the $1 Trillion Coin

Slate readers’ best ideas for whose face should go on the platinum economy-saver.

We asked for your spectacular $1 trillion coin designs, and you answered! From Dr. Evil to John Maynard Keynes, Slate readers came through. Here are our favorite examples.

Courtesy of Theo Wallace

This hand-drawn coin by Theo Wallace reads like a great editorial cartoon.

Courtesy of Jim Sparks

Jim Sparks’ Joe Biden coin gave us a funny feeling inside.

Courtesy of Maija Urrelo

Larry Summers Riding a Robot Unicorn, emailed by reader Maija Urrelo.

Courtesy of Robert Jones

John Maynard Keynes got lots of love—we particularly like this version by Robert Jones, with its very appropriate obverse copy.

Courtesy of Charmin

The Charmin corporate Twitter account got in on it with a surprisingly trenchant commentary on the disposability of American currency.

Courtesy of Jay Lewis

“In honor of our fiscal debate jumping the shark,” writes reader Jay Lewis.

Courtesy of Chris Gelke

Chris Gelke’s design is simple, iconic, and sort of perfect.

Courtesy of Robert Rand

The advantage of minting Robert Rand’s Bill Gates coin is that the subject might actually be able to afford to buy it.

Courtesy of Michael Brienard

This design by Michael Beirnard is both absurdist and grimly realistic.

Courtesy of Patrick O’Leary

Patrick O’Leary’s Community coin comes with its own screenplay:

Tim Geithner: Starting with this toss: heads comes up, we use this coin to pay the debt.

 Paul Ryan: Just so you know, Tim Geithner, you are now creating two different timelines.

 Tim Geithner: Of course I am, Ryan.

Illustration by Andrew Morgan

We were so inspired by this suggestion from commenter enfermot that we went ahead and made it ourselves.

Courtesy of Troy Beckman

Twitter’s Troy Beckman is our overall favorite, though, with this masterful Dr. Evil/Obama mashup. Congratulations to everyone, and thanks for submitting!