Instead of Going Without Flush Toilets, Brooklyn Should Try High Density Construction

Correction: This was apparently just a joke. But I still think affordable housing is important and there are better ways to achieve it.

Edith Zimmerman gives us the latest Brooklyn trend, artisanal poo:

Marcela and Ryan Marshall live in a well-to-do part of Brooklyn’s popular Park Slope neighborhood, but pay a (relatively) microscopic monthly rent of $300. If that seems unlikely, it’s because of an arrangement that’s a little unorthodox, but — as they’re quick to point out — not without precedent: Their apartment doesn’t have a bathroom, so they use chamberpots, as the building’s first tenants did nearly 150 years earlier.

Once again I think that allowing for more new construction in Brooklyn so that the supply of housing units can approximate keeping pace with demand would be a better idea.