Joe Biden Does a Little Advertising Work For a Democratic Donor

They opened Washington, DC’s first Coscto today which I know because Joe Biden went to the Costco opening thus garnering local media attention. And since I already had plans to snag a Zipcar on Saturday and head out to Ikea, now I think I might stop at the Costco on my way back to check it out. So the Biden visit is definitley good for business.

And guess what else? Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal is “a longtime Democratic donor” and spoke at the Democratic National Convention as an example of corporate executive who loves the Obama economic record. In the scheme of things it’s hardly the greatest corruption scandal in human history, but it does look at least a little corrupt. I bet if a non-donor opens up a small shop in Fort Lincoln and wants the Vice President to visit so he can get some out-of-neighborhood publicity and business he’ll have a very difficult time making that happen.