Burger King Going Public Again Just 18 Months After Private Equity Takeover

Burger King has slipped behind Wendy’s and is now merely the No. 3  burger chain in America, so it’s no surprise to see that some shake-ups are under way. Still, it’s pretty surprising to see that the company is planning to go public again just 18 months after a takeover by private equity firm 3G Capital.

Meanwhile, the change in ownership structure is going to be happening simultaneously with an attempted repositioning of the brand. Having failed with a bro-focused advertising strategy, Burger King is now launching a series of new menu items that are supposed to appeal to moms and health-conscious eaters. I personally have some doubts that a franchise with the word “burger” in the name that’s best known as the “home of the Whopper” is going to be able to pull this off, but check out their chicken, apple, and cranberry salad if you like. But in terms of catering to the kind of consumer looking for a tasty fast food salad, I keep wondering when the excellent Chopt Creative Salad Company will expand out of its existing D.C. and New York niches.