My Review Problem

As some of you are probably aware, I tweeted something rather rude upon learning the news of Andrew Breitbart’s death. Consequently, many of his many fans are unhappy with me. Fair enough. In consequence of that, many of them have decided to spam the Amazon page for The Rent Is Too Damn High with highly negative reviews that typically reveal that the reviewer has not even made a passing acquaintance with my views.

For example, it’s a book largely dedicated to making the case for less regulation of urban and suburban land. The kind of thing that conservatives might be open to, were they need just in a fury of rage. At any rate, it’s a free country and I certainly can’t prove that the reviews are being written in bad faith. But it’s annoying, and common sense tells me that’s what’s going on. So if any of you have read the book and would like to do me a favor, I’d love to get some more genuine reviews—even critical ones—up there so that people who aren’t internet junkies but hear about the book on the radio and so forth aren’t left in a state of total confusion.