“It’s Got a Pen!?!?!?!’

Of all the Super Bowl ads the only one that really struck me was Samsung for the Galaxy Note, taking aim at Apple and touting a mini-tablet featuring a … stylus:

Given the popularity of Android phones, I would find it remarkable if we don’t see a popular Android tablet one of these days and it may well be made by Samsung. But I think this idea that people are begging for an easy-to-lose little bit of plastic to poke their screen with is insane.

Meanwhile, what this ad doesn’t mention is price. The iPad’s real vulnerability seems to be that for something that’s not adequate to replace your laptop it’s pretty expensive. If you love gadgets and have money to burn, then why not get one, but the price point is a real deterrent and the Kindle Fire has obviously made a splash amd is much more affordable. If someone can make something that’s more full-featured than the Fire but cheaper than the iPad, I bet people will line up for it. A pen’s not going to do the trick.