Chart of The Day: How To Sell A Burger

Technomic Inc. 2011 Burger Consumer Trend Report

Technomic Inc. 2011 Burger Consumer Trend Report

Restaurants & Institutions magazine delivers the chart copied above offering restauranteurs advice on what makes consumers think of a “premium” burger that’s worth paying “premium” prices for. The funny one on the list, to me, is the premium halo accociated with angus beef. Angus is the most common beef cow breed* in the United States, and nothing special. The actual regulated indicators of quality are the USDA beef grades that have nothing to do with breed. Choice is better than Select and Prime is too good to be wasting on a hamburger.  

* Correction: November 28, 2011 – the initial version of this article mistakenly omitted dairy cows fro its analysis of U.S. cow breed prevalance.