Gifts for the Sacked

A while ago, I shared with readers of “Moneybox” some of the items that CEO Jeff Bezos had included on his “Wish List.” More recently (yesterday), one of my Slate colleagues noticed an interesting entry being promoted as part of’s “Listmania” feature—some suggested “Gifts for laid-off employees.” Among the items available for purchase from the company that sacked the possible recipients: “Monopoly: The .com Edition;” the books NetSlaves: True Tales of Working the Web and Corporate Executions: The Ugly Truth About Layoffs—How Corporate Greed Is Shattering Lives, Companies, and Communities; and a videotape of Matewan. The list-maker includes Amazon’s CEO on his “Favorite People List,” yet another feature of the site. That sounds like some sort of hint to you, Mr. Bezos. Take note.