See a Coke-Addled Grandma! And a Contrite CEO!

Just in case you don’t have enough opportunities to see commercials as you go about your daily business, you might want to know that two ads mentioned in recent “Moneybox” columns have lately popped up on the Web site.

Earlier this week I wrote about the new Coca-Cola campaign, in which the absence of the fizzy sugar water causes best friends and families to claw at each other various ways. I focused on the installment featuring two high-school graduates. There is another one getting a lot of airplay right now, involving a 101-year-old woman who becomes surly and busts up the family reunion when she finds there is no Coke to be had. See it here, using the QuickTime plug-in.

An earlier Moneybox focused on “forgiveness marketing,” and since that time Ford CEO Jacques Nasser has continued his damage-control campaign more or less nonstop. Now you can judge his contrition (not to mention his Australian accent) for yourself, via this link.