Trust in Microsoft

That new scrolling investment ticker at the top of Moneybox has not been a universal hit. Personally, I like it (although I can’t figure out why it runs on my desktop but not my laptop–presumably that has something to do with the browsers I’m using on the two machines). But some of you find it intrusive, and others are bothered by the perpetual pop-up box asking whether you want to install Microsoft Investor Ticker.*

I can understand why you’d like that box to go away once and for all–our crack techies are working on a solution to the problem, but as they say, it’s not trivial–but before you do, recognize that the copy in that pop-up box is absolutely remarkable. Here’s how it read when I installed the ticker:

“Do you want to install and run Microsoft Investor Ticker signed on 11/4/99 9:23 PM and distributed by Microsoft Corporation?

“Publisher authenticity verified by VeriSign Commercial Software Publishers CA.”

“Caution: Microsoft Corporation asserts that this content is safe. You should install/view this content if you trust Microsoft Corporation to make that assertion.”

Then comes the kicker at the bottom, with a little box you can check to assent to the following statement:

“Always trust content from Microsoft Corporation.”

Always? God only knows what Judge Jackson will make of this.

*The Microsoft Investor Ticker is available only for users of Internet Explorer 4.0 or 5.0.