Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Jan. 23

A Jan. 26 Wide Angle incorrectly referred to one of Martin McDonagh’s plays. It is The Lieutenant of Inishmore, not The Lieutenant of Inishmaan.

In a Jan. 24 Relationships, Sophia Laurenzi misstated that Chelsea London Lloyd lost her father to Parkinson’s. He had ALS.

In a Jan. 22 Food, Heather Schwedel misquoted Liam Quigley as saying Pizza D’Amore is on East 116th St. It is on Beach 116th St.

In a Jan. 21 Future Tense, Avery Arena misstated that a deep-sea mining test run collected 4.5 metric tons of nodules. It collected 4,500 metric tons of nodules.


In a Jan. 20 Future Tense, Meg Duff misstated that American Airlines Flight 106 was instructed to “hold on” Taxiway K at JFK International Airport before crossing a runway later identified in the story as 31R. It was told to “hold short of” that taxiway before crossing 31L. That runway had major improvements completed in 2015, not 2020.

In a Jan. 20 Life, Evan Urquhart erroneously included Carey Callahan as part of a group of prominent individuals who detransitioned for ideological or moral reasons. She does not identify that way.

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