Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Oct. 3

In a Oct. 6 Books, Laura Miller misstated that Donald Trump was first impeached for obstructing an investigation into his campaign’s connections to Russian operatives. Trump was first impeached for using crucial aid to extort a foreign leader into digging up dirt on his political rival.

In an Oct. 6 Care and Feeding, Cassy Sarnell misstated that there is no Montessori certification process. There is a Montessori certification process, but schools do not have to be certified to call themselves Montessori schools.


In an Oct. 4 Politics, Ben Mathis-Liley misidentified the day on which the Daily Beast reported that GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker had paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. The story was published Monday night, not Tuesday night.

Due to an editing error, an Oct. 3 History misidentified Joe Biden as having taken office at 77 and prospectively leaving office at age 85, if he were to win a second term. He took office at 78 and would leave office after a second term at 86. It also misidentified Nelson Rockefeller as Norman Rockefeller.

In a Sept. 30 Jurisprudence, Robert Katzberg misidentified the American Bar Association’s rule 3.3 as rule 33.

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