Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 11

In a July 17 Sports, Alex Kirshner misstated the order of Rory McIlroy’s 2011 Masters collapse and U.S. Open victory.

In a July 15 Sports, Stefanie Ritoper misattributed a quote to Michelle Mush Lee. The quote was from Brianna Lee.

In a June 13 State of Mind, Ryan Levin and Dan Gorenstein misstated that the Biden administration committed about $400 million to scaling up 988. It committed at least $282 million.

In a July 12 Future Tense, Ben Weiss misquoted Catherine Wessinger as saying, “Some people will lose faith and move on and get over their lives.” She actually said “get on with their lives.”


In a July 12 Politics, Ben Mathis-Lilley misstated that Cassidy Hutchinson claimed Rudy Giuliani was allegedly escorted off White House grounds at one point in late 2020 to prevent him from attempting to enter the Oval Office, which is in the West Wing. In fact, the alleged concern at the time was that he would attempt to access the president’s residence, which is part of a different structure.

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