Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of June 13

In a June 17 Movies, Dana Stevens misstated who voiced Zurg in the movie Lightyear. It was James Brolin, not his son Josh.

In a June 16 Future Tense, Stephen Harrison misstated that Graham Pearce became a Wikipedia administrator in 2005, when he had six to nine months of editing experience. Pearce became an admin in 2007 with two and a half years of experience. Due to a production error, the piece also misstated that Tamzin traveled from D.C. to New Jersey to visit her mother; Tamzin’s mother traveled from D.C. to visit her.


In a June 15 Politics, Molly Olmstead misidentified Julie Anne Smith as Julie Annie Smith. Olmstead also erroneously implied that Smith is a current home-schooling mother.

In a June 16 Jurisprudence, Galen Leigh Sherwin misidentified the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools as the National Association of Public Charter Schools.

In a June 15 Medical Examiner, Hannah Docter-Loeb misidentified Katelyn Jetelina as Kathryn Jetelina.

In a June 10 Politics, Christina Cauterucci misstated that Alaskan politician Al Gross had not committed to caucusing with either party in Congress. After some waffling, he committed to caucusing with the Democrats.

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