Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Feb. 28

In a March 4 State of Mind, Allegra Frank misstated that Kim Kardashian has five children. She has four.

In a March 3 Jurisprudence, Alicia Bannon misstated the number of states with no women of color on the state supreme court. It is 30, not 19.

In a March 2 Medical Examiner, Abdullah Shihipar misidentified the Transportation Security Administration as the Transportation Safety Administration. He also mischaracterized the Association of Flight Attendants’ stance on the TSA mask mandate. The organization is not urging TSA to renew the mandate; it expects TSA to do so.

In a Feb. 28 Politics, Ben Judah misidentified the code name of the head of MI6 in James Bond as C. It is M.

In a Feb. 28 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misidentified Gen. Omar Bradley as British. He was American.

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