Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Jan. 31

In a Feb. 5 Movies, Sam Adams misidentified the person who has his penis covered with bees in Jackass Forever. It is Steve-O, not Ehren McGhehey.

In a Feb. 4 Jurisprudence, Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern misstated that a short list of candidates was intended to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy. Some were to replace Kennedy, and some were to replace Justice Antonin Scalia. They also misspelled Kimberly Atkins Stohr’s first name.

In a Feb. 3 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misstated that Mullah Omar was killed. He died of health problems.


In a Feb. 3 Wide Angle, Madison Malone Kircher misspelled Haley Toumaian’s first name.

In a Feb. 3 Wide Angle, Laura Miller misstated that Birmingham is in Northern England. It’s in the English Midlands.

In a Feb.1 Jurisprudence, Keri Blakinger and Maurice Chammah misattributed court filings in opposition to Terence Andrus’ appeals as being filed by the Texas attorney general’s office. They were filed by the Fort Bend County district attorney’s office.

In a Feb. 1 Music, Nitish Pahwa misstated that Mac Miller was raised in Pittsburgh’s suburbs. He grew up within city limits.

In a Feb. 1 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misidentified Bashar al-Assad as Bashir Assad and Viktor Orban as Viktor Korban.

A Sept. 22 ICYMI show page misspelled Haley Toumaian’s first name.

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