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The Slate Quiz Is Expanding

Readers will get a bonus quiz every Tuesday.

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Ten years ago, Slate asked Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings to write a weekly news quiz for us featuring 12 multiple-choice questions on the topics du jour. At the time, Barack Obama was president, the Olympics were in London, and the first Avengers movie topped at the box office. Much has changed in the decade since—although Jennings, who has gone on to guest host Jeopardy!, still holds the record for the longest win streak on the show—but the Slate News Quiz has remained a constant each Friday.


The Slate Quiz is about to get even better (and more frequent).

That’s right: Slate Quiz lovers will now get double the fun each week. Every Tuesday, in addition to our signature Friday news quiz, quizmaster Ray Hamel will concoct a brain-tingling selection of 12 timeless trivia questions related to a common theme. Topics will run the gamut from history to literature, sports, food, culture, science, religion, and beyond … and all in the same Slate Quiz format you know and love. Take today’s quiz about some other historic firsts here. 


The Slate Quiz rewards both speed and accuracy; quiz takers are given 50 seconds to answer each question, and as the seconds tick away, the question’s point value drops from 50 all the way down to zero. At the end of the quiz, competitors can compare their scores to that of the average contestant as well as a special guest each week. Or compete for a place on the leaderboard, available only to Slate Plus members. Slate Plus members can also sign up here for a chance to be featured as the special guest on our Tuesday quizzes.

A screenshot of the first question from the new quiz.
A bar chart shows quiz results from a past quiz.

We’re honoring the Slate News Quiz’s 10th anniversary with the launch of our new bonus trivia quiz, as well as other special goodies and guests throughout the year. Plus, test your memory by playing our very first quiz, written by Jennings and covering the week of July 15, 2012, here.