Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 23

In an Aug. 25 Television, Johanna Winant misattributed a speech in the series The Chair to the character Ji-Yoon; it was actually delivered by the character Bill.

In an Aug. 23 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misspelled Sen. Lindsey Graham’s first name.

In an Aug. 19 Future Tense, Meg Duff misstated that Miguel Fernandez predicted redwood habitat changes using tree ring data. He used past climate data and suggested that tree ring data be used to improve such predictions in the future.


In an Aug. 18 Medical Examiner, Tim Requarth misidentified Avinash Shetty’s affiliation as Wake Forest University. It is Wake Forest School of Medicine.

In an Aug. 13 Television, Karen Han misstated how Evangelion is pronounced. It’s with a hard g, not a soft g. Also, she misstated that the movies are not available to stream. They are now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Due to a photo provider error, the photo on an Oct. 17, 2019, Future Tense was misattributed to Unsplash. It was taken by Jenni Chen.

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