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The Waves Is Back

Slate’s long-running show about gender and feminism returns after a hiatus.

Logo for The Waves podcast, with show name in white text on blue and pink striped background

Great news, feminist podcast listeners: Just as billions of Brood X cicadas prepare to emerge and make a joyful noise after 17 years hibernating underground, the podcast once known as the DoubleX Gabfest is poised to return to the airwaves after a 13-month hiatus

Yes, The Waves will be back in your podcast feeds every Thursday, starting today. Longtime Waves listeners will recognize the trademark brand of smart, funny, opinionated commentary from smart, funny, opinionated women, but we’ve made a few changes to make the show even better: First, it will be weekly—no more having to figure out if this is a Waves week or not! Second, we’re going to shake up the personnel. Every Thursday, you’ll hear from a different pair of women from Slate and the Slate Extended Universe. We’ll match up women with strong opinions, deep knowledge, and peculiar passions for the one big topic everyone’s grappling with that week—you know, the one you need a smart woman to talk you through.

No subjects are off the table—news, politics, culture, sports, sex, and all those squishy subjects that fall under the capacious heading of “human interest.” If it’s gnarly, complicated, and just a little bit sexist, it’s up for grabs.

Since The Waves is a topical show, there’s no telling exactly what each week’s subject matter will be—our aim is to be as unpredictable and surprising as the news itself. Listen to the first episode below and follow the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.