Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of May 10

In a May 13 Music, Nitish Pahwa misspelled Elise Barbin’s last name and misstated that Stacey Anderson was the only Pitchfork staffer to be affected by Condé Nast’s companywide layoffs in May 2020. She was the only union member to be affected by the layoffs.

In a May 12 Future Tense, Varsha Bansal misidentified Ahmedabad as the capital city of Gujarat, India. It is Gujarat’s largest city but not its capital.

In a May 12 Television, Sara Luterman misspelled comedian Jeremy McLellan’s last name.


A May 10 How to Do It misspelled character Hannibal Lecter’s last name.

Due to an editing error, a May 6 Future Tense misstated that Guillermo Rus, the former vice president of ARSAT, made a point about the challenges of Latin American space cooperation at the International Astronautical Congress of 2016 in Mexico. He made the statement elsewhere.

In a May 5 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misidentified as

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