Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 26

In an April 29 Sports, Alex Kirshner misstated that the general manager of the Seattle Mariners was fired after saying that he had held top prospects back in the minor leagues to depress their long-term wages. The Mariners executive who said that was Kevin Mather, the team’s president and CEO, not its GM. Mather resigned after the comments emerged; he wasn’t fired.

In an April 29 Wide Angle, Josh Levin, Susan Matthews, and Molly Olmstead misstated that Caryn Blair performed “I Feel Pretty” in front of her whole school. It was in front of the eighth grade. Also, due to a production error, a photo that was courtesy of Blair was misidentified as being provided by Elisha Diamond.

In an April 28 Future Tense, John Sakellariadis misstated Rafael Santos’ age. He is 35, not 25.

In an April 27 Movies, Laura Miller misspelled Toni Collette’s last name.

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