Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Feb. 1

Due to a production error, a Feb. 5 Future Tense was misattributed to Andrew Maynard. It was written by Jake Maynard.

In a Feb. 5 Jurisprudence, Maneka Sinha misstated that Loretta Lynch was Obama’s first attorney general. She was his second.

In a Feb. 4 Brow Beat, Rebecca Onion misspelled Teladoc.

In a Feb. 4 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misidentified Angela Merkel as prime minister of Germany. She is chancellor.

In a Feb. 3 Industry, Alex Kirshner misstated that about half of Robinhood users reportedly owned GME.


In a Feb. 3 Industry, Aaron Mak misspelled Capital One.

In a Feb. 2 Slatest, Julia Craven misidentified Na’ilah El Bey as Na’ilah Bey. She also misidentified who body-slammed Taylor Bracey; it was an Osceola County deputy, not an Orlando police officer.

In a Feb. 1 Politics, James Stout misidentified El Centro as a county in California. It is a city and the name of a regional Border Patrol sector.

In a Feb. 1 Politics, Jordan Weissmann misspelled Kyrsten Sinema’s first name.

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