Open Thread

Your Last Night Out, in This Week’s Open Discussion

Share your tale of your last pre-pandemic hurrah.

March 11 is the date the pandemic entered a new phase of urgency for many Americans, when the NBA abruptly paused its season and Tom Hanks announced he had coronavirus. Shortly after, offices, schools, gyms, bars, and restaurants shuttered and stay-at-home orders ground life to a halt for millions. As we approach six months of the pandemic, we want to know: What was your last night out? Did you go to a dance party or a karaoke bar, feeling like it was the end of the world? Did you get dinner with your significant other, making sure to wash your hands before eating? Or did you grab drinks with friends, with no inkling it’d be the final round for a while? Share your tale of your last pre-pandemic hurrah in the comments below.

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