Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 27

A July 31 Future Tense misidentified Robby Soave’s title at Reason. He is a senior editor, not an associate editor.

In a July 31 Wide Angle, Willy Staley misstated that Colin Jost earned a scholarship to Regis High School. The school is free for all students.

Due to an editing error, a July 29 Care and Feeding misspelled Santa Barbara. Also, Jamilah Lemieux misspelled Gabby Douglas’ last name.

Due to a photo provider error, a caption in a July 29 Slatest misidentified Lara Trump as Laura Trump.

In a July 28 Jurisprudence, Sejal Singh and Liz Watson misidentified the Fair Labor Standards Act as the Fair Labor and Standards Act.

In a July 27 Faith-Based, Aymann Ismail misstated the number of Muslims who died in the 1990 Mecca stampede. It was 1,426, not 1,462.

In a July 27 How to Do It, Rich Juzwiak misidentified How to Change Your Mind author Michael Pollan as Richard Pollan.

In a July 27 Jurisprudence, Lara Bazelon misstated the number of men on California’s death row at San Quentin State Prison. There are 693 men on death row, not 720.

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