Open Thread

Josh Levin and Christopher Johnson Need Your Questions

What do you want to ask the host of Slow Burn season four?

Later today, Slate Live is bringing Josh Levin, host of the fourth season of Slow Burn, and his producer Christopher Johnson, to Facebook for a look behind the scenes of the Slow Burn podcast. Josh dug into the history of David Duke, a former leader of the KKK who ran for governor of Louisiana in the early 1990s and came frighteningly close to winning that race. If you’ve ever wondered how a podcast like Slow Burn comes together, or if there were stories that had to be cut for time, now’s the time to get that inside view. Josh himself will be here to select some of your questions and use them to kick-start that chat. Come say hi and submit your questions, then join the event on Facebook at 7 EDT.

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